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Jeff Halperin, the spouse of Kari Lake, a former news anchor who transitioned into politics, has been a consistent figure in her personal and professional life. Their shared journey from journalism to Halperin’s current pursuits in videography deserves recognition.

A Pillar of Support:

As Kari Lake embarked on her political journey, Jeff Halperin emerged as a steadfast supporter, standing alongside her at numerous public events. His consistent presence reflects a deep commitment to Lake’s vision and aspirations.

Shared Professional Roots:

Halperin’s career intertwines with Lake’s from their early days at KPNX-TV, where they both honed their skills in journalism. His role as a videographer complemented Lake’s weather anchoring, laying the foundation for their collaborative dynamic.

Adapting to Change:

In the face of evolving media landscapes, Halperin showcased his adaptability by assisting Lake in establishing an in-home studio during the COVID-19 pandemic. His willingness to embrace new challenges underscores his resilience and creativity.

Pioneering Videography:

Transitioning from traditional news platforms, Halperin ventured into freelance videography, spearheading projects through the Team Lake Vimeo page. His multifaceted role as Director of Photography and cinematographer reflects his passion for visual storytelling.

Embracing Entrepreneurship:

Halperin’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through as he lays the groundwork for his own filming enterprise, ZenHD. His innovative approach to videography positions him at the forefront of creative exploration in the field.

Elevating Lake’s Message:

As Lake’s dedicated videographer, Halperin captures the essence of her political endeavors, amplifying her message for a broader audience. His role transcends mere documentation, serving as a conduit for meaningful storytelling.

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Jeff Halperin’s journey embodies a fusion of support, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. From his collaborative efforts with Kari Lake to his ventures in videography and beyond, Halperin continues to carve a path marked by creativity and dedication.


1. How long has Jeff Halperin been supporting Kari Lake?

  Jeff Halperin has been a steadfast supporter of Kari Lake since the inception of her political journey, spanning over several years.

2. What prompted Halperin’s transition to freelance videography?

 Halperin’s transition to freelance videography stemmed from a desire to explore new creative avenues beyond traditional news stations, allowing him to expand his skill set and pursue independent projects.

3. What role does Halperin play in Lake’s political endeavors?

 As Lake’s dedicated videographer, Halperin captures the essence of her message and amplifies it through his lens, contributing to the dissemination of her political vision.

4. How does Halperin’s entrepreneurial spirit manifest in his career?

 Halperin’s entrepreneurial endeavors, including the establishment of ZenHD, reflect his commitment to innovation and creative exploration in the field of videography.

5. What future projects does Halperin envision for his videography career?

Halperin remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling, exploring new projects and collaborations while continuing to support Kari Lake’s evolving political aspirations.

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