Working on elevated surfaces drastically increases the risk involved. Even a fall from a few feet up can have potentially devastating consequences. The key is to ensure that all matters of safety are taken into account.

That is where having a fall arrest system can literally save lives. If you have recently purchased one for your business or just want to become more familiar, here are a few helpful tips for setting up a fall arrest system.

Choose the System

The first thing to do when you set up a fall arrest system is to find the right system. They are not all the same and there are several different types to choose from. Industry type is definitely a factor worth considering when choosing a fall arrest system because some are built for specific purposes.

Each has its own benefits and features, so talking to a sales rep can be a great place to start. Comfort should not be overlooked as it does play an important role in safety. Whatever you choose, the system should be up for daily use without excessive wear and tear. Even a small rip can wind up compromising safety in a major way.

Inspect the Device

Before you do anything at all, make sure to check out the harness. Even if it is brand-new, the harness that you choose could have some kind of tear or defect. If you notice any signs of wear and tear, be sure to replace the harness immediately.

It is important to note that you should perform an inspection before every use, not just the first time. It is critical that the harness and the corresponding system be in peak condition. A slight variance could cause a dangerous and even potentially deadly fall if you aren’t careful. Take the time to look it over to check for any defects, tears, or signs of excessive wear and tear.

Train Employees

When you are sure that the safety harness is safe and free of damage, it is time to educate anyone who will be wearing it. Never, ever make assumptions when it comes to safety. Even experienced hands could benefit from additional information on safety harnesses, their features, and how they function.

Take even just a few minutes to go over inspecting the harness, putting it on properly, etc. Speaking of, be sure that it fits snuggly on someone because even a slightly loose harness can be dangerous. Keep it snug but not too tight as well, because an uncomfortable fit can lead to someone wearing it incorrectly. It’s all about the seemingly small things when it comes to fall arrest systems.

The Lanyard

One of the final steps involves the lanyard. You will need to not only attach it but anchor it as well. The anchor is what makes the biggest impact and provides the most stability. Find a lanyard of appropriate length and have several available to account for the different heights of your workers. Also, keep in mind the space needed for deceleration.

Never, ever use a lanyard that has been previously involved in a fall. Check out any accompanying manuals to know when lanyards have been used in accidents and go with another product. There are certain standards that must be followed in order to ensure that all of the attachments are secure and safe.

At the end of the day, personal safety should feature no cut corners. Take the time to know your fall arrest system and it will be there for you when it is most needed. Anything less is a hazard that could have been avoided.

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