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Den Nationale Scene (DNS) radiates a vibrant energy that epitomizes the city’s rich cultural heritage. Since its inception in 1850, DNS has been a beacon of creativity and artistic expression. Captivating audiences with its diverse repertoire of theatrical productions.

A Historic Legacy

Den Nationale Scene boasts a storied history that reflects the evolution of Norwegian theater. From its early days as a pioneering platform for Norwegian playwrights to its modern-day status as a hub of artistic innovation, DNS has remained steadfast in its commitment to promoting Norwegian culture and literature.

Dynamic Productions

At DNS, the stage comes alive with an eclectic mix of performances that span genres, styles, and themes. From classic Norwegian dramas to contemporary interpretations of timeless tales, DNS’s productions showcase the depth and diversity of Norwegian theater. Captivating audiences with their emotional depth and artistic brilliance.

Nurturing Talent and Creativity

Central to DNS’s success is its unwavering dedication to nurturing emerging talent and fostering artistic growth. Through its acclaimed theater school and artist-in-residence programs, DNS provides a supportive environment. Where aspiring actors, directors, and playwrights can hone their craft and unleash their creative potential.

Engaging the Community

DNS is more than just a theater—it’s a vibrant cultural hub that actively engages with the local community. From outreach initiatives and educational workshops to collaborations with local artists and organizations, DNS strives to make theater accessible to all, enriching lives and fostering a sense of belonging and connection.

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Den Nationale Scene continues to inspire and enchant audiences with its captivating performances, innovative storytelling, and unwavering commitment to artistic excellence. As it embarks on its next chapter, DNS remains a cherished cultural institution, enriching the lives of Bergen’s residents and visitors alike with the transformative power of theater.


1. How Can I Purchase Tickets for DNS Performances?

Tickets for DNS performances can be purchased online through the theater’s website, by phone, or in person at the box office.

2. Does DNS Offer Performances in English?

Yes, DNS occasionally presents performances with English subtitles or translations to accommodate non-Norwegian-speaking audiences.

3. Can I Visit DNS for a Behind-the-Scenes Tour?

Yes, DNS offers guided tours that provide visitors with a behind-the-scenes look at the theater’s history, production facilities, and inner workings.

4. Are There Opportunities to Volunteer or Get Involved with DNS?

Yes, DNS welcomes volunteers and offers opportunities for individuals to get involved in various aspects of theater production, administration, and outreach programs.

5. How Can I Support DNS?

There are several ways to support DNS, including attending performances, becoming a member, making donations, or volunteering your time and skills to help with theater activities and events.

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